Company Activities

Installation and operation of equipment Karbala city wase-water treatment plant.(100,000cubic miter capacity)

Performing piping works and installing mechanical equipment of pumping station of Azad dam in Kurdestan state


Design of sanitary and industrial wastewater treatment processes (physical, chemical, biological, aerobic and anaerobic)
The overall design of the equipment required for water and wastewater treatment plant
Design and preparation of executive plans for buildings and facilities and waste water treatment plant

Manufacturing and plant performance:

The building of refineries and storage tanks (concrete, dirt and Lagvnhay .....)
Design and implementation of various metal packages and transport water (drinking and industrial)
Installation of all mechanical equipment, electro-mechanical and electrical and sewage water treatment plant
Commissioning and operation of water and wastewater treatment plant, to provide operation and maintenance instructions and operator training

Procurement and construction equipment:

Manual and mechanical screen
Types of equipment related to the retention ponds grain
(Aerobic repressor, reciprocating with a bridge, etc.)
Chrbygyry types (DAF API ....)
Types of surface aeration in various capacities ranging from far above and far below the Low speed Aspirator
Deep aeration equipment (blowers and diffusers, etc.)
Types of sedimentation tanks rotating bridge and half bridge
Sedimentation tanks and grain and making bridges reciprocating Chrbygry and ....
Klaryflvkvlatvr equipment for water and wastewater treatment plant
Types of valves off Sryz
Pumps air (AIR LIFT PUM)
Supply pumps submerged Sewage
Hmznhay variety of fast and slow (flash Mixing & Floucculator)
Preparation and chemical injection packages
Of chlorine (gaseous and liquid)
Hydrocyclones and types of equipment and devices, including water purification Water Softeners the resin, pressure sand filters, activated carbon filters, Dyvnayzrha, January Arytvrhay thermal Lkalayzrha systems to reduce water hardness using lime (Cold lime - soda ...) and ....

Company History:

The transmission line tank effluent pumping Vaystgah Saztsfyh neutralize sewage water transmission line to carry goods company Electric Fire Electric Company product
Design, manufacture, installation and commissioning of all equipment, machinery and industrial wastewater Vaystgah Pmpazhshhrk PA
Implementation Fire Commercial City Center facility

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7 Unit - Second Floor - Farvardin Building - Abdili St. - Madani Shomali St.
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508 & 509 - 7191 Yonge St., Thornhill, Ontario, L3T 0C4

Company Activities:

» Manual and mechanical types of junk
» Equipment related to types of basin grain
» Augmented aeration, with bridge reciprocating & ...
» Types of fat gear (API , DAF ...)
» Deep aeration equipment (Bluer & Defuser ...)
» Types of sedimentation tanks

Last Projects:

Sarableh Wastewater Treatment Plant Sarableh Wastewater Treatment Plant
Grain extraction unit of Mehdi Shahr refinery in Semnan Grain extraction unit of Mehdi Shahr refinery in Semnan