Company History

Clean water is so vital for humankind, animals and plants. Rivers, seas, coasts, and the shores are kind hosts for many creatures. We are also in permanent contact with water. Hence, if water treatment is not completely done, it will lead to many diseases.
Though nature is able to refine few parts of pollutions, if the huge amount of daily used water back to the environmental cycle without treatment, will destroy it all.So, nowadays it is so important to design and construct waste-water treatment plants, in order to decrease the pollutions to the allowable limits, and water treatment plants in order to make it suitable to drink.
Mirab Sanat Khoram was stablished in 2008 to make facilities in treating water and waste-water and since then has been servicing customers with consultation, designing process, designing  and manufacturing equipment and devices, and construct water treatment plants and waste-water treatment plants  in both urban and industrial fields.

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Tehran Office:
7 Unit - Second Floor - Farvardin Building - Abdili St. - Madani Shomali St.
TelFax: +98 2146861200 Tle:+989122012536

Phone number of Canada office:
Canada office address:
508 & 509 - 7191 Yonge St., Thornhill, Ontario, L3T 0C4

Company Activities:

» Manual and mechanical types of junk
» Equipment related to types of basin grain
» Augmented aeration, with bridge reciprocating & ...
» Types of fat gear (API , DAF ...)
» Deep aeration equipment (Bluer & Defuser ...)
» Types of sedimentation tanks

Last Projects:

Sarableh Wastewater Treatment Plant Sarableh Wastewater Treatment Plant
Grain extraction unit of Mehdi Shahr refinery in Semnan Grain extraction unit of Mehdi Shahr refinery in Semnan